Forgotten Behind Glass (173 Characters)

She looks like me.
But she is not me.
I only exist when she is with me.
I admire her.
I emulate her.

And though I try to stay, I fade away.
Perhaps, one day, I’ll become her.

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1 thought on “Forgotten Behind Glass (173 Characters)”

  1. I finally decided that I need to actually do some of the things I think about! In doing so, I am learning how to navigate your website- well, kind of anyway. I really like this post! It reminds me a lot of you and myself also. It’s funny, I sat down to read, read again your book, but a thought popped in my head to read some of your new material! I like your writing because it lets my mind wonder. To me it’s not cut and dry, it’s expanding and full of deep thoughts! So proud of you! So glad the thought came to get on your website. I love it, and I love the photos you’ve chosen for your tales.

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