C. R. Brock - A Look Behind the Curtain -

C. R. Brock can usually be found: reading, writing, watching streaming services with the fam, and or playing card/board games with friends (No, not Monopoly or Go Fish. Expand your horizons, my dudes).

Writing a novel is on C.R's bucket listโ€”an item she intends to tick-off soon with her up and coming novel entitled Battle of the Fateless. She lives in the United States with her best friend (husband) and is the proud mother of six (three = human, three = doggos).

Dear Reader,

I am humbled by your interest in my work.ย As one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, once wrote:

"Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don't have to make speeches. Just believing is usually enough.โ€

So, I just wanted to say a very special "thank you" for believing in my work.

Take care,
C. R. Brock

C.R. and her co-writers, Dax (named for DS9, Jadzia Dax) & Bash (because he's bashful).

C.R. and her Co-Writers:

  • Dax (Chocolate pup, named for DS9, Jadzia Dax)
  • Bash (Tan pup, he's bashful)
  • Ginny (out of the office today)
    • Fluffy, brown lil pup
    • Left for personal reasons (napping)

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